The Land vocational study program was officially established on May, 29th 2001. The department of Government responded the policy of Act Number 22 of 1999 about Local Government. This Act hinted decentralization or the management of local government which is more autonomous hence the consequence is the need of land experts to sustain the activities of the local government itself. The idea was discussed in the department meeting and became a provision to be executed. The proposers of this vocational study program were Drs. Edi Santoso, SU and Drs. Warsito, SU.

The operational legal basis of Land vocational study program is the letter of Higher Education Directorate General Number 1818/D/T/2001 about the Operating License of Land vocational study program. In accordance with the assessment of National Higher Education Accreditation Body 2016, the Land vocational study program has received accreditation “B” with Kep. BAN-PT No.1995/SK/BAN-PT/Akred /Dipl-III/IX/2016.